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Treat your favourites or yourself with the gin tasting box, filled with gin and love.There is a smile there's gin post card with every order which can be handwritten by us or left blank for your words.

All presented in a black postage box, tied up with ribbon.


4 x copper in the clouds gins (5cl)

3 x fever tree mixers 

Choc affair gin chocolate bar treat  

Paper straws

Smile,there's gin postcard (please state if you would like the card left blank)

Black postage gift box 


Take away the stress of finding a gift and let us do the hard work! 



1) Select the choc affair chocolate bar flavour to add to your box (see product selection above)


2) Write a message for the post card 


Product information  - Copper in the clouds 


Flower bomb gin - 5cl miniature - 40% abv 

Chamomile and bitter orange blossom give depth and length.

Rose, lavender and jasmine provide complex floral flavours.

Juniper berries, coriander seed an orris root are the classic foundations of the gin.

Heather flowers, calendula and violet offer delicate top notes.


Lychee & raspberry gin - 5cl miniature - 40% abv 

8 bright botanicals including fresh garden mint and whole Sicilian lemons.

We rest the spirit lychees for one week before we blend it with British Raspberry juice.

Zero added sugar, all the sweet flavours and aromas comes directly from the fruit.

A beautiful natural pink hue.


Mango & black pepper gin - 5cl miniatue - 43% abv

A refined 8 botanical gin created in our copper pot still.

Real, ripe, fresh mango’s are chopped and left to rest in the gin for 3 days.

Black peppercorns ground and left to infuse into the gin for 24 hours.

After a light filter, it’s ready for bottling at a healthy 43%.

Zero sugar is added to this gin.


Marmalade gin - 5cl miniature - 41% abv

Pink grapefruit, blood orange and Seville orange marmalade blended into the gin post distillation.

The citrus peel from the marmalade is left to mascerate for 48 hours to extract all of the precious oils from the peel.

Botanicals including juniper berries, coriander seed, licorice root, angelica root, lemon peel and orange peel.

A beautiful and natural bright orange colour.


Product information - Choc Affair gin chocolate


Gin & tonic flavoured milk chocolate 

Choc affair really wanted to produce something that gave that same, satisfying feeling as sipping on a cold G&T – but in the form of an indulgent bar of chocolate. The experimenting began and here we are –  gin and tonic flavoured chocolate.


1 x min 90g Gin & Tonic Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar.

Sustainably grown chocolate.

Palm oil free & all natural ingredients.

Recyclable packaging.

Suitable for Vegetarians.


Rhubarb gin flavoured milk chocolate

The slightly tangy and very distinctive taste of rhubarb matches perfectly with the flavour of juniper and milk chocolate.


1 x 90g Rhubarb Gin Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar

Sustainably grown chocolate

Palm oil free & all natural ingredients

Recyclable packaging

Suitable for Vegetarians


Rasberry gin flavoured milk chocolate 

Raspberry Gin is one of those all-time favourites, as this berry brings a sweet, tart flavour to the slightly bitter taste of the junipers; which perfectly balances out throughout the milk chocolate.


1 x min 90g Raspberry Gin Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar

Sustainably grown chocolate

Palm oil free & all natural ingredients

Recyclable packaging

Suitable for Vegetarians





Gin tasting box

  • Hermes  3 - 4 working days from collection. 

The Fizzy Gin Box


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